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WITOPTICS uses CZ technology to grow Nd:YVO4 crystal. With strict control from raw materials and growing process, our Nd:YVO4 is featured with low lasing wavelength absorption and very high efficiency. We supply Nd:YVO4 with Nd doping from 0.27atm%~3.0atm%. Crystals with various size and coating are available.
Yttrium vanadate has been growing in popularity because of its high gain, low threshold, and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths, which result from the excellent fit of the neodymium dopant in the crystal lattice. These advantages make Nd:YVO4 is a better choice than Nd:YAG for low-power devices such as hand-held pointers, and others compact lasers.
With advanced technology on growing and manufacturing high optical quality Nd:YVO4 crystals, WITOPTICS can provide a wide variety of finished crystals.

(1). Nd dopant concentration: 0.27~3 atm% Tolerance within 10% of concentration
(2). Width x Height: 1 x 1~ 16 x 16mm
(3). Length: 0.02 ~ 20mm

Typical Specification and and Tolerance:

(1). Orientation: a-cut crystalline direction(+/-0.2°)
(2). Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.1mm,High precision +/-0.005mm can be available upon request.
(3). Wavefront Distortion: <λ/8@633nm
(4). Surface quality: better than 20/10 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-1380A
(5). Parallelism: < 10 arc seconds
(6). Perpendicularity: < 5 arc minutes
(7). flatness: <λ /10@633nm
(8). Clear aperture: Central 95%
(9). Chamfer: 0.15x45°
(10). Damage threshold: >15J/cm2 (rods without coating) ,>700 MW/cm2 (coating)
(11). Coating:
(a) AR@1064nm, R< 0.1%
(b) AR@1064nm, R< 0.1% & HT@808nm, T>95%
(c) HR@1064nm, R>99.8% & HT@808nm, T>95%
(d) HR@1064nm, R>99.8%, HR@532 nm, R>99% & HT@808 nm, T>95%
(e) AR@1064 nm, R<0.1%, AR@532NM, R<0.3%

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